Monopoly Sweepstakes

Monopoly Sweepstakes is a yearly giveaway that has been running since 1987. It offers enormous prizes worth as much as a million dollars and a huge number of smaller prizes. 

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Monopoly Sweepstakes

Shop Play Win Monopoly Sweepstakes

Eligibility:- 18 years or older (District of Columbia).

Prize:- Win $250 Million Cash Prize

Safeway Monopoly Game

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How to Enter McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes

The McDonald’s monopoly game is a cheap route that has been in operation in the United States and other countries around the world since 1987. Typically, it offers large prizes of up to one million dollars and hundreds of smaller prizes.

What can you win? In addition to the grand prize of a million dollars, Monopoly game usually gives away other cash prizes, vehicles, tons of free food prizes, and more. The exact rewards vary depending on your region and what you enter.

Although it was not officially canceled in the United States, it was last introduced in 2016. It has since been introduced in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Playing McDonald’s Monopoly Game

The rules vary from year to year, but the monopoly sweepstakes usually include a few different parts of it:

  • A pre-promotion sweepstake, to build excitement before the Monopoly game begins.
  • A collection and win game, where you collect rare game pieces to win big prizes.
  • An instant-win giveaway, which usually includes food rewards, trips, retail gift cards, and more.
  • A second chance online game, where you can enter codes from your game pieces for additional chances to win.

How to get McDonald’s Monopoly Game Pieces

To play monopoly games (other than pre-promotion sweepstakes), you will need pieces of the game. The most common way to get game pieces is with the purchase of qualifying McDonald’s food (see each year’s rules about what products are eligible).

If you want to get the most game pieces for your money, then your best bet is the cheapest way to get McDonald’s game pieces. If you are concerned about the effect that game-piece-carrying food will have on your waist, check the amount of calories per game.

Monopoly Sweepstakes

In addition to buying McDonald’s food, you can get game pieces by sending them for them by mail (AMOE). McDonald’s and some of its partners also periodically offer free game pieces. You can sign up for newsletters and follow McDonald’s and its affiliates on social media to be notified about free Game Peace offers.

In recent years, McDonald’s has integrated social media and mobile into its monopoly game. Players can follow McDonald’s for monopoly updates on Twitter, play through the Facebook app, and check their code by texting to see if they have won.

Rumors to the contrary, McDonald’s monopoly sweepstakes is not a scam

There are rumors that McDonald’s Monopoly Cheaper is a scam that has plagued McDonald’s since a scandal in 2007, where someone associated with a sweepstakes management company stole game pieces and sent them to a relative to claim the prize given.

No McDonald’s employees were involved with the fraud. The perpetrator of the crime was sent to prison, and McDonald was tightly guarded to prevent the abuse from occurring again.

So no, the monopoly game is not a scam, and people actually win huge prizes. In fact, McDonald’s waived the rule that pieces of the game could not be moved when a embezzler offered a million dollar prize to St. Jude. They honored the charity, although they were not legally obliged to do so, and they donated millions of dollars to children’s charity.

Want to know what it’s like to win a big monopoly award? Read this interview with McDonald’s winner Michelle B.

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